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Use this guide to locate information about business

Access to Harvard Business Review

The University of Baltimore Libraries provides access to articles from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) through a database called Business Source Complete.  HBR licenses its content to Business Source Premier under the following conditions.

1. Institutions that license Business Source Premier cannot provide direct links to HBR articles.
2. The Top 500 HBR articles are "read only".  This means you can read them online through your browser, but you cannot save the article, print it or email it to yourself, they way you can with other articles available through this database.

This means, that if you want to read an article from the Harvard Business Review, you either need to get the printed version (available in the library) or you need to search for the article yourself (see below).


Harvard Business Review on Reserve

To use a Harvard Business Review article as part of your course readings, the library can electronically scan the print copy (any articles published: 1979-present) and upload it to your Sakai course as part our e-reserves service. 

Please contact or fill out the e-reserves form