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Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Use this guide to locate information about small businesses and local businesses

Social Enterprise Overview

The Social Enterprise Alliance suggests the following definition: "A social enterprise is an organization or initiative that marries the social mission of a non-profit or government program with the market-driven approach of a business."

Research Industries

Use the following tools to research the industry (or industries) of your social enterprise. What are features of your industry? What factors influence this industry's performance? 

Research the Market

What's your target market? How big is it? Is it growing? What age groups/characteristics make up your market? Use the following tools to research demographics and other statistics about your potential consumers.

Research Organizations

Use the following tools to research similar organizations, potential competition for your enterprise, or potential collaborations.

Vehicles for Change Resources

These links are specific to research related to the nonprofit organization, Vehicles for Change. for the spring 2020 Social Enterprise course.