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Investment Research and Finance

Find information related to investment research

What a Company Says About Itself

Most public companies have a section of their website devoted to investor relations. These sites typically include the following

  • SEC filings including 10Ks and Annual reports. Some things to loook for include
    • Management's Discussion and Analysis Section for a narrative
    • Risk factors
    • Financial Information
  • Press releases from the company


Here are some other places to get 10Ks and Annual Reports

Articles and Reports about Companies

You can look for articles about your company in several library databases.

Free and freemium financial websites may have links to articles about people taking about a specific stock or industry.  With these, take care to note the source of the information and the basis for any recommendations before deciding whether you want to trust the analysis.

Financial Information and Stock Prices

Industry Reports and Financial Ratios

Sources of industry reports. If your company is a major player in a particular sector, it will probably be mentioned in some of these industry reports.

The above reports tend to focus on high level industry groupings.  If you want to look for information about an industry that is more narrowly defined, that can be more challenging. Sometimes industry associations have this data, but that data is often unavailable to those who are not members. You can try searching for articles about an industry to see if a reporter might have been able to include some of the data in an article.