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eBooks at the RLB Library

List of eBooks in RLB's collection, newly purchased books are showcased here..

What is the EBSCO Mobile App?

In addition to journal articles, you can now download and read EBSCOhost  ebooks using the EBSCO mobile app on Apple and android devices without needing an Adobe ID. (EBSCO is a company that provides many library e-resources such as ebooks and journal articles.)

The free app can be downloaded and installed from either of the following:

Creating a Personal Account on the Mobile App

Once you've installed the app on your device, create your personal account so you can download ebooks.

To create a personal account from the EBSCO Mobile App:

1. Launch the Mobile App and tap Find My Library.

2. Tap "Robert L. Bogomolny Library" in the displayed list and enter your UBalt credentials to sign in to the app.

3. Tap the Profile icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen to access the Profile screen.

4. Tap the Create Account button to access the Create Account screen.

5.   Fill in your information and click the Create Account button.

You will receive a confirmation that your account has been created and prompted to tap Log In to sign in with your new personal account credentials.

Downloading and Reading eBooks on the Mobile App

To find and download eBooks on the EBSCO Mobile App:

1. Tap the magnifying glass in the menu at the bottom of the screen, enter your search terms in the search box and tap Search on your device's keyboard.


2. After receiving your results, tap the Source Type filter below the search box.


3. Tap the eBooks filter in the list and click Apply.

4. Tap an eBook result to see the details or download the title to the app.

Note: You can tap the Like button to add it to your Liked Items.


5.Tap the Download e-book button to begin the download process.

The details page tells you have many copies your institution has available for reading.

Note: If you are not signed into the app with a personal account, you are prompted to log in with your personal account or create one within the app

when you tap the Download button. Once signed in with your account, you are able to download the eBook.

6. Use the plus/minus buttons to select a checkout length and tap the Download e-book button.

The eBook is downloaded and opened in the app.

Reading a Downloaded eBook in the App

Once the eBook is downloaded in the app, it can be read in the app using the viewer.

To read a downloaded eBook in the app:

1. Use the arrows or the slider to navigate the eBook pages.


2. Using the eBook reader menu options:


  •     Tap the Book Info icon to view the eBook pages you’ve bookmarked, access the Table of Contents, search within the text of the eBook,

    or go to a specific page.

  •     Tap the Table of Contents icon to go directly to a chapter or section of the eBook.
  •     Tap the Display Options icon to adjust how the eBook is displayed in the viewer.
  •     Tap the Search icon to search for all instances of a keyword in the text of an eBook. Ten tap a result to go directly to that part of the eBook.
  •     Tap the Bookmark icon to save that page to your saved bookmarks for that eBook title.


Highlighting Text and Adding it to Your Bookmarks

While reading an eBook in the app, you can highlight passages and save them to your bookmarks.

To highlight a passage of text and add it to your bookmarks:

1. Begin by long-pressing the screen with your finger.

2. Select the text you would like to highlight and then tap Highlight.

The highlighted text is added to your bookmarks.

3. Tap the Book info icon and select Bookmarks to view bookmarks and highlighted text.


4. You can sort your bookmarks by Page or Date.


Returning to an eBook to Resume Reading

If you navigate away from an eBook and would like to resume reading it at a later time, you have two options from the Home screen.

1. You can tap the eBook in the Recently viewed area of the home screen.



If you added the title to your Liked items, tap the Liked icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen to access it from there.


2. Tap the E-books tab to view your checked out eBooks and tap a title to resume reading.

Note: Checked out eBooks cannot be accessed from the E-books tab when your device is offline. In this case, you can access them from

the Recently viewed area of the home screen or the Liked items tab.


3. The time remaining on your checkout is displayed on the eBook Detail page.

Tap Read now to resume reading the eBook.

Note: You are returned to the last page you viewed and your bookmarks and Display settings are retained.


Note: If the eBook you downloaded is DRM-free (free of any Digital Rights Management restrictions), the app lets you know that your checkout

of the title never expires.


For more information on the EBSCO eBook Mobile App experience, check out this Getting Started Guide.


Adapted from EBSCO Downloading and Reading eBooks on the EBSCO Mobile App (Nov. 4, 2021)