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Guide to Conflict Management and Negotiation

A guide to finding information in the RLB Library about Conflict Management and Negotiation.


Best Place to Start:

The RLB Library does not have a specific database of articles that focus on conflict management or negotiation.  EBSCO's Electronic Discovery Service (EDS) is often the best place to start, because it covers the most material.  This is what you are searching when you enter terms in the "library search" box on the library's home page.

When should I use one of the other databases?

Use a smaller, more focused database when you are getting a lot of results not on your topic. Also, when you don't know what search terms to use, looking at a database's subject terms or thesaurus can be helpful.

Which database you will want to explore will depend on your specific topic, but a number of possibilities are listed below.

Understanding Current Events Through a CNCM Frame

Competitive victimhood as a lens to reconciliation: An analysis of the black lives matter and blue lives matter movements

Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter are groups created to deny the structural violence articulated by BLM; this article explains how Blue Lives Matter claims to be the true victim by equating criticism of racist policing to actual losses of life.  

The Feminist Negotiator's Dilemma 

"My intent in writing is to start a conversation, to ask new and potentially redemptive questions about the progressive politics of gender in principled negotiation theory and practice." (Del Gobbo: 61)