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Streaming Video Resources at the RLB Library

This guide presents information on streaming video licensed by the RLB Library or freely available on some internet sites.

What is Licensed Streaming Video?

The RLB Library licenses film from vendors for educational use upon request by University of Baltimore faculty.

This guide is a compilation of these films that can be viewed by anyone with University of Baltimore credentials. Listed by vendor below are the films currently licensed by the library, with the dates the licenses expire.

Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

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Academic Video Online (Alexander Street)

  • "Carnage." , directed by Roman Polanski. , produced by Saïd Ben Saïd, et al. , Sony Pictures Classics, 2011. Alexander Street. License expires 6/15/2021.
  • "Egypt." , directed by Christopher Cassel, produced by Christopher Cassel, and Kralyevich Productions, A&E Television Networks, 2006. Alexander Street. Engineering an Empire series, episode 2. License expires 8/27/2021.
  • "The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization." , directed by Cassian Harrison. , produced by Anthony Geffen. , Public Broadcasting Service, 1999. Alexander Street. License expires 8/27/2021.
  • "Peter and Paul and the Christian Revolution." , directed by Margaret Koval. , produced by Ron Devillier. , Public Broadcasting Service, 2002. Alexander Street. License expires 8/27/2021.


An award-winning video streaming service providing access to more than 30,000 independent and documentary films ─ titles of unique social and cultural value from The Criterion Collection, The Great Courses, Media Education Foundation, and thousands of independent filmmakers. Limited number of titles currently available. Faculty may request access to specific titles. Access Kanopy via this link or search on the Database A-Z List under "K."


Video Title End Date
The Squid and the Whale 02 Jun 2021
We Shall Remain - A History of Native Americans (collection) 01 Jul 2021
The Bridge 14 Aug 2021
Au revoir les enfants 14 Aug 2021
Charm City - Fighting Against Violence in Baltimore 14 Aug 2021
Wuthering Heights 28 Aug 2021
The Maya, Aztecs, and Mesoamerica 28 Aug 2021
Outpatient Group Therapy - With Irvin Yalom (playlist) 08 Sep 2021
Style Wars - New York Graffiti Art and Breakdancing in the 1980s 14 Sep 2021
The Mask You Live In 01 Oct 2021
Let The Fire Burn - Tragedy in Philadelphia 12 Oct 2021
Climate Refugees - The Global Human Impact of Climate Change 21 Oct 2021
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (1973-1983) 22 Oct 2021
The Great War - The History of World War I (collection) 02 Feb 2022
In Jackson Heights - One of America's Most Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods 11 Feb 2022
El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade 25 Feb 2022
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist) 02 Mar 2022
Off and Running 09 Mar 2022
Not Just a Game - Power, Politics & American Sports 01 Apr 2022
Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women (playlist) 09 Apr 2022
The Naked Brand - Welcome to the Advertising Revolution 11 May 2022

Swank Digital Campus

   Emma  (expires 8/31/21)

A headstrong and privileged young woman meddles in people's romantic lives in a sleepy English town during the 1800s.   Glory (expires 8/31/21)

A tribute to the Army's first black regiment, formed during the Civil War. Denzel Washington won his first Oscar, for Best Supporting Actor.



   The Stepford Wives  (expires 8/31/21)

An independent woman discovers something amiss in her new town, where all the wives are perfect and seem programmed to please their husbands.


  Steve Jobs  (expires 8/31/21)

Steve Jobs prepares for three different public presentations of era-defining technologies.


   Think Like a Man  (expires 8/31/21)

Men conspire to turn the tables on their female partners, who have been taking love advice from a book by Steve Harvey.



   What Men Want  (expires 8/31/21)

A female sports agent gains the ability to read men's inner thoughts after meeting a psychic but in her competitive line of work will it be a blessing or a curse?