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eBooks at the RLB Library

USMAI Demand Driven eBook Pilot Project

The librarians are trying something new.  The Library has partnered with fellow USMAI campuses to systematically add new ebooks to the collection using usage data and the borrowing activity of our patrons, rather than more traditional strategies to determine which titles are best suited for the collection.


What is Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA)?

Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) allows library patrons to participate in the collection development process by simply borrowing the books they’d like access to and thereby creating a demand for those titles.  The ebooks in this pilot can be accessed, borrowed, and purchased without mediation of library staff.  Decisions to permanently add a title to the collection are based on usage. 

Currently, about 8,500 ebooks are available through the library catalog.  The participating USMAI libraries have access to those titles throughout the duration of the pilot project.  Those titles which are borrowed six or more times during the pilot, will be permanently added to the collection and accessible to all USMAI campuses.

No Substitute by Patrick Feller on Flickr

Why is the Library participating in this pilot?

The Library is always striving to better meet the needs of the University of Baltimore community and make evidence-based decisions.  We’d like to gather data on ebook usage to better inform our future purchasing and licensing decisions, while also ensuring the Library makes available the resources which are the most relevant to the curricular and research needs of the campus.

Sample of Available Titles