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Life after Roe: Information About Medical Care and Legislation

Roe v Wade (1973) is one of several cases that changed access to reproductive health care for persons able to become pregnant. The recent Supreme Court Decision to overturn Roe v Wade restricts access to medical care by removing federal protections.

Introduction to this Resource List

William Morris 'Fruit or Pomegranate' wallpaper, 1864.


This page includes sources that provide factual information about abortion and other reproductive health services. The philosophical discussion about abortion is best left to individuals and may be supported by campus groups, community groups, and library research. The resources in this list are for informational use and do not constitute legal or medical advice.

Reproductive Rights Access


These organizations provide information about access to reproductive health services. These organizations have committed to providing unbiased care without shame or stigma and are available to discuss all options for reproductive health care. Some of these organizations include references to additional support and advocacy groups.

Policy and Legislation Information

William Morris Manifesto for the founding of the Kelmscott Press


These organizations focus primarily on reproductive legislation and policy. They advocate for civil rights for all people. Some of these organizations also share historic and current data related to reproductive rights.

Community Advocacy Groups

William Morris Trellis wallpaper 1864


These community advocacy groups represent perspectives from a wide variety of belief systems. Their work helps present a balanced perspective on the realities of reproductive health. Several organizations include discussions of historic and current initiatives related to reproductive rights community advocacy.