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De-Stress Your Semester

Resources to support a calm, focused, productive finish to your semester.


The Website reviews the best guided meditation videos online. Here are their recommendations for the best of 2020: 

Best for Beginners: Headspace

"A standout of Headspace's meditations is there are cues for noticing external sounds."

Best for Deep Relaxation: The Honest Guys

"He begins with deep breathing and points out that thoughts of anxiety and stress are common."

Best for Walking: Gabby Bernstein

"Her voice is very upbeat, which is helpful since you’re walking and not trying to fall asleep."

Best for Anxiety and Stress: Calm

"It is perfect for a morning routine to help prepare your mind for the day ahead or at the end of a hectic day to help ease stress and anxiety."

Best for Sleep: Jason Stephenson

"Jason Stephenson will guide you through the seven chakras in your body, and you will understand what parts of your life need energy healing."


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