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Celebrate LGBTQIA Pride Month

A collection of resources on the history, political science, sociology, and cultural contributions of LGBTQ citizens.

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In 2020 Gay Pride takes on a whole new magnitude

Many cities around the world have been forced to refocus their pride celebrations. Local Pride events have culminated into the very first Global Pride Celebration! Furthermore, LGBTQIA Pride broadened its scope to include the Black Lives Matter movement, which like the Gay Liberation movement, was triggered by confrontation with police.The Stonewall Uprising (June 28-July 3, 1969) included gays, lesbians, trans, and queer people of all colors.  The event spurred changed and marked historic advancement in the struggle for gay rights and equality.


Image Source: (Left) Public Domain Dedication Protesters took to the streets in the aftermath of the Stonewall riots in lower Manhattan in the summer of 1969. Stonewall marked a turning point in the gay rights movement.(Right): Workers Worlld 2015 Queer and Trans Black Lives Matter Contingent


Activism and civil disobedience through peaceful protest this pride month have highlighted the global community’s passion for equality for all people.



It's been amazing and awe-inspiring to see the world mobilize and "ACT UP" against the oppression of queer people, black people, and black trans people. 

Join us, this month and every month in celebrating LBGTQ+ PRIDE!

The Official Global Pride Celebration will be broadcast on, starting Saturday, June 27th at 1AM EST. They will be streaming a full 24 hours of pride celebrations from organizations, activists, civil society groups, politicians, and world leaders.