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Tenants Union Group (TUG)

Links to the digitized version of this archival collection


Welcome to the Archives 24/7 access portal to Langsdale Library Special Collections. This guide provides access to archival collections that have been scanned in their entirety and are available for download in PDF format.

Collections have been scanned to provide access copies for educational use. Each link represents a folder from the archival collection. Clicking a link will open scanned documents in PDF format. Please refer to our citation policiy on this page.


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Series I - General Records

Box 1.
1. Tool and Instructions For Research
2. Landlord – A and G Realty Co. Albert Gilden
3. Landlord – Leon Amernick
4. Landlord – Mrs. Eli Baker Hortense Baker
5. Landlord – City of Baltimore
6. Landlord – Edward Heyman, Heyman Realty Company
7. Building Inspection For Heyman
8. Landlord – The Jadson Company – Mr. Vincent Cicero
9. Miscellanous
10. Nathan Heyman – Fact Sheets; Pink Sheets; Newsletters; Clippings: part 1, part 2
11. Southwest Branch
12. Publicity
13. Membership Lists, Structure, Finances, Mementos
14. Masters For Flyers, Meeting Announcements, Newsletters
15. Photographs & Negatives

Box 2.
1. Football – South Baltimore
2. Blank Forms Used in Organizing and Research (Laura Long)
3. Correspondence
4. Resource Material on Housing (Baltimore):part 1, part 2, part 3
5. Flyers, Meeting Announcements, Newsletters
6. The Housing Struggle In Crisis
7a. Resource Material on Housing- National:Part 1, part 2
7b. Resource Material on Housing- National:Part 1, part 2

Box 3.
1. Landlord - Pennington
2. Landlord - Richter, Christian
3. Landlord - Mr. Louis Schapiro
4. Weinberg- Goldberg Letters and Pink Sheets:part 1, part 2
5. William Weinberg , Stanley Goldberg, Certifed Letters- Receipts and Signed Agreements-Landlord and Tenants – Violation Notices
6. Security Realty - Marshall Holding Company
7. Research – Security Realty: part 1, part 2
8. South Baltimore Housing Survey
9. A Proposal Submitted by The South Baltimore’s Peoples’ Housing Corporation for-Community Housing Renovation
10. Stationery
11. Minutes
12. Rent Control Literature
13. Pamphlets - Newsletters - Check Book - Correspondence
14. South Baltimore Community Council Housing Committee Vacant House Survey: part 1part 2, part 3

Box 4. Oversize
3. Scrap Book
4. Placards

Citation Policy

Material may be quoted and digital images may be used from our collections for personal and educational purposes without prior permission, provided appropriate credit is given. When crediting images that are copyrighted by us, please use the citation: Used with permission of the University of Baltimore Langsdale Library Special Collections.

Any commercial use of this material is prohibited without prior permission. Commercial requests for use of images of any material must be submitted in writing to the address below:

Langsdale Library
Special Collections Department
1415 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201-5779