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Thomas "Telfair" Shupe Wetter Papers

Digitized collection of archival documents from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) collection, held in Langsdale Library Special Collections


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Box 4. Thomas "Telfair" Shupe Wetter Papers (1891-1939)

Telfair family tree

Folder I. Records of Hearings of Deportation Cases, 1/8/1919-1/8/1920

Case of A. Volkov-U.S. Immigration Office, Baltimore
Case of J. Tiommy AKA Jacob Dark 1/8/1920
Case of Anton Nikolaychuk 12/29/1919
Case of Piotr Kasperuk 12/29/1919
Warrant for Arrest of N. Grishko 12/27/1919;Hearing of N. Grishko 2/2/1920
Warrant for Arrest of P. Garechka 12/27/1919
Hearing of Kh. Shalau 12/29/1919; Quotes from Vol. 1, No. 1 of Communist Party Official Paper of Sat., July 19, 1919 calling for convention to organize Communist Party in U.S.
Warrant for Arrest of Carl Karkling 1/7/1920
Warrant for Arrest of Karl Galin 1/7/1920--dreams of talks with Wilson, King, General, God, 50 stolen autos in a church;Reopen of case of Galin after doctor testifies the examination of Galin would have to be extensive
Hearing of W. Irbe 1/12/1920
Hearing of Ivan Kozlenko 1/7/1920
Hearing of I. Volkov 1/8/1920

Folder II. Workers Defense Union

Letter “To Labor Organization” from Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Trial of Carlo Taresca, editor of Italian labor weekly citing involvement of Italian ambassador vs Tresca for his criticism of fascists

Note-new office of Workers Defense Union - No.81 East 10th St. between 3rd and 4th Avenues--Addressed to: T.S. Wetter 433 S. Broadway, Baltimore , Maryland

Notice outlining policy of Workers Defense Union re. application for group amnesty vs. individual applications - - involvement of A.C.L.U. and I.W.W. I.W.W. expulsion of individuals who applied for amnesty differences with I.W.W. List of contributions to I.W.W. cases by W.D.U.

Statement of Mesabe Range Defense Fund Balance Strike of 1916 strikers pleaded guilty to manslaughter of sheriff-served 3 years, I.W.W. wanted funds for families of defendants but W.D.U. paid the defense attorney

Further dispute of W.D.U. and I.W.W. over distribution of funds account of disbursements

Letter from Eugene Lyons from Rome-reaction in Italy to Sacco-Vanzetti Case

Workers Defense Fund- minutes of meeting Sacco-Vanzetti sent $100 to defense fund Reports of organizers- Schacter reported on visit to Atlanta prison could not see Debs but did see Coldwell

Letter from Flynn-- report of $50,000 blanket bail raised for members of Chicago I.W.W. Appeal for funds for Wichita Prisoners

Copy of dispatch from New York Times, Sat. July 30. 1921 re. American Legion urging president Harding not to pardon Debs,Bargdoll and other prisoners

Summary of Prosecution's case vs Sacco-Vanzetti

Accounting of funds for W.D.U. for 15 months since organized in Dec., 1918

Letter by J.A.H. Hopkins, chairman Committee of 48, to New York Globe and N.Y. Call re conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti

Letter signed A.S. re. explosion at Wall And Broad Street that took the lives of 34 – efforts to prove it the work of radicals

Account of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's address to Bridgewater, Mass, crowd regarding plausibility of witness in Sacco-Vanzetti case by John Nicholas Beffel

Article by Walter Laflin re. Vanzetti - background work in Pittsburgh- leader of discussions with workers

Workers Defense Union Release by John Nicholas Beffel re.suit vs .Attorney General Palmer, Secret Service Chief William J. Flynn and others by widow of Andrea Salsedo who was reported a suicide - connection with Sacco-Vanzetti

W.D.U. Release by Beffel 2/4/21 from Boston , Mass. re. acquittal of Mrs. Angelo DeFalco of charge of offering to sell verdicts of not guilty to the Italian committee defending Sacco-Vanzetti

W.D.U. Release by John Nicholas Beffel from Boston re. success of Sacco-Vanzetti defense in preventing deportation of Frank R. Lopez, secretary of the defense committee 

Folder II. Workers Defense Union

W.D.U. account of pamphlet by Art Shields - complete analysis of Sacco-Vanzetti Case

W.D.U. Release by John Nicholas Beffel re. Sacco-Vanzetti case and efforts to divide Italians- comparison to Mooney and Billings case in San Francisco

W.D.U. Release 1/20/21 by John Nicholas Beffel - arrest of Mrs. Angelina DeFalco charged with attempt to solicit the employment of certain lawyers to defend Sacco-Vanzetti and by doing so entrap the legitimate defense in what appeared to be a bribe

Appeal for funds to appeal sentence of guilty for Sacco-Vanzetti in Dedham, Mass. and to be sentenced to death in the electric chair on 11/1/21

Summary of Sacco-Vanzetti Case and appeal for funds

W.D.U. List of expenditures

Appeal from Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to all organizations affiliated with the W.D.U, for funds bail of $50,000 for 40 I.W.W prisoners in Leavenworth

Letter from Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to “Dear Comrade” re. pamphlet: “Illegal Practices at the Department of Justice”

Contributions to Defense Cases and Relief by W.D.U. 12/18 – 4/20

W.D.U.- Minutes of Regular Delegates Meeting 6/9/20

Financial Statement of W.D.U. of New York 12/17/18 – 5/10/19

W.D.U. Minutes of Delegates 2/11/20

Financial Statement- Deportees Defense & Relief Fund 2/12/20

W.D.U. Bulletin edited by Eugene Lyons 5/26/19 to editors of
affiliates“The Fine Art of Frameup”- Pierri & Bobba accused of conspiracy to assassinate President Wilson and Secretary McAdoo

2nd Financial Statement: 5/10-12/1/1919

W.D.U.- Deportees' Defense and Relief Committee 1/24/20 Fred Biaedenkapp, treasurer- appeal for funds to aid alien workers

Release (to affiliates?) re. dietary problems of Nicholas Zogg, prisoner in Atlanta

W.D.U. Minutes of Meeting 6/18/19 report of Ella Reeves Bloor on her investigation of prison conditions, brutalities to workers report by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn on growth of Defense Unions (Baltimore mentioned), release of imprisoned workers on bail, funds used to provide transportation home for released prisoners, call to alert members to new cases, call for exposure of frame-up system, threat of “peacetime sedition”
laws, appeal for funds

W.D.U. Appeal for Funds 9/5/19

Letter to Affilates— Simon Schoctel, secretary W.D.U., 11/18/19

W.D.U. Minutes of Meeting 9/29/19- report of activities by E.J. Morgan and E.G. Flynn

Release to Affiliates-- increase in bail for Pieri and Bobba from $5,000 to $10,000 each when the prosecutor learned that $5,000 for each had been raised

W.D.U. bulletin edited by Eugene Lyons to editors of affiliated publications alerting them to cent reactionary legislation and the menace of deportation

Bulletin from Simon Schacter, secretary W.D.U. 7/23/19. need for cooperation, support and funds- eight editors and publishers of “Workers' World” in Kansas City, Mo. sentenced to 2 years includng Browder brothers, Amalgamated Clothing Workers meeting broken up by police, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 48 strike leaders charged with murder in fight where only workers were killed; Kansas- hundreds of harvest hands arrested; 35 I.W.W members held in Kansas jail; many others cited;
persecution of foreign born; Debs; Haywood, Mrs. O'Hare Appeal for funds


Newspaper articles on early history of local ACLU

11/6/25 Note to Wetter from Lucille B. Milner, field secretary ACLU

11/5/25 Letter from Wetter to Lucille Milner re. change of address, “not engaged in any activities here for 2 years”

10/30/25 Letter to Wetter from Milner questioning address

10/21/25 Letter from Harry F. Ward, chairman- New York urging help in regard to case of Anita Whitney convicted of “criminal syndicalism” in California.

Card to Wetter from ACLU- John Haynes Holmes, acting chairman and Helen Phelps Stokes, treasurer, requesting funds for “the Tennessee evolution case”

5/3/25 Letter to “our friends who did not renew last year” from Stokes

April 1925 To Our Friends - report for 192

2/6/1925 Letter to Wetter from Milner changing address

1/19/1925 Baldwin letter withdrawing from all administrative work

1/5/1925 Wetter to NY please revise mailing list

12/17/1924 Friends please fill out enclosed questionnaire

Dec., 1924 Bulletin from ACLU re. Paterson , N.J. case wherein meeting to help striking silk workers was broken up by police resulting in indictments to Roger Baldwin and nine others and injuries to several. Indictments based on “an old English law”

Oct., 1924 Bulletin from ACLU improved conditions probably due to presidential campaign year role of Attorney General Stone:

  1. political prisoners & court cases mostly IWW's
  2. laws
  3. local free speech work

Request for more members (need 2000 to meet budget @ $10 each)

8/13/24 Bulletin from ACLU Baldwin & Holmes re. Attorney General, Harlan F. Stone's statement that “anti radical propaganda and secret police system built up in the department would be abolished”

6/30/24 Note to Wetter from Ida Epstein re. literature requested and asking for a Baltimore phone directory

6/12/24 Bulletin from Baldwin requesting:
permanent address
occupation or profession
with which public groups or movements affiliated
what if any office do you hold in these

June, 1924 Bulletin from ACLU announcing publication of books“Those Ancient Liberties” & “The Story of Free Speech”

4/19/24 Bulletin from ACLU to members of national committee announcement of semi-annual meeting, arrangements to select acting chairman and acting attorney to replace Dr. Ward who will be abroad and Mr. Nelles who is doing research

March, 1924 Bulletin from ACLU Present Activities:
In Congress
State Political Prisoners
Local Civil liberty Fights
Finances- small deficit- $172.97

Suggestions for Speaking at Free Speech Test Meetings:

  1. Most important point to bear in mind- free speech can
    be won only by speaking
  2. No speaker should submit to preliminary censorship by
    police or other authority
  3. In case the police close the hall and prevent a scheduled
    meeting from taking place, efforts should be made to se-
    cure another meeting place
  4. If the meeting is stopped after it starts, an arrest
    should be forced
  5. If the speaker is arrested and the meeting allowed to
    proceed, send a committee to police headquarters and to
    the daily newspaper offices
  6. Where meetings have been interfered with by official
    lawlessness- get signed protests
  7. Publicity
  8. Engage an able attorney before the event and engage him to
    be present

12/31/23 Letter from ACLU to membership re. Indictment of Roger Baldwin for connection with Kuzbas Industrial Colony in Russia dismissed

12/28/23 Letter from Baldwin to Wetter- will spend evening of Jan. 4 in Baltimore

12/27/23 Letter to Baldwin - general release of fedral prisoners secured

12/17/23 Letter to Baldwin (from Pauline Levenson?) Wetter out of city, Miss Gilman arranged meeting for Ralph Chaplin- suggest you write Gilman

12/5/23 Letter to Pauline Levenson from Baldwin- should postpone meeting til January- ask Wetter or Gilman

12/3/23 Letter to Baldwin from Levenson(?) “Fellow worker Wetter” is out of town, Gilman. chairman of amnesty committee arranging meetings for Ralph Chaplin

Dec.,1923 Bulletin from ACLU- present membership 4,100 of whom 1,900 are contributors

11/28/23 Letter to Baldwin from Welter - proposed meeting re. peacetime sedition laws and registration of aliens- topic of talk“The Coming Drive on The Reds”

11/21/23 Letter from Baldwin to Wetter – “Thanks for your response & for your dollar for which I enclose receipt.”

11/8/23 Letter front Baldwin to Wetter- “We'd like to have the privilege, if we may, of having you on our list as a regular contributor. It may be an imposition with all the work you do and have done for the cause. But a dollar a year does it. You know we need every dollar we can get.”

9/6/23 Letter from ACLU- To Those Interested in Deportations announcement of publication of book by Louis F. Post, assistant secretary of labor in Wilson administration, regarding deportations at time of “Palmer Red Raids” $1.50 each.

8/14/23 Letter to ACLU ATT.: R.N. Lawrence, field secty., signed “for T.S. Wetter” (Pauline?) Request for names of attorneys in Cumberland and Hagerstown will be given to Wetter when he returns to town within 2 or 3 weeks.

8/1/23 Letter from R,N. Lawrence to Wetter requesting names of lawyers in Cumberland and Hagerstown for civil liberty cases

6/25/23 Bulletin from ACLU announcing publication of book for conscientious objectors by Norman Thomas “War and Conscience” Introduction by Senator Robert LaFollette. $2.00

4/18/23 Note from Ida Epstein to Wetter- sending you copy of book, “War Shadows” as per Baldwin 's promise

3/27/23 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin requesting copy of AFL Amnesty Report, “War Shadows” by Lucy Rubins note to TSW from Baldwin saying he had written to Rubins
but no reply

3/15/23 Note from Baldwin to “friends” request for completed questionnaires--questionnaire

Letter from Baldwin to secretaries of local committees announcing campaign against criminal syndicalism and peacetime sedition laws

March 1923 Mob violence in U.S.; appeal for funds

Dec. 1922 New plan of financing ACLU

12/19/22 Appeal for funds and membership from ACLU

11/1/22 Announcement of move to new headquarters of ACLU 100 Fifth Avenue

ACLU Bulletin “To Our Friends” outlines season's tasks:
•  freedom of speech cases
•  arrests of communists in Michigan
•  prosecution of radicals in California

10/16/22 To Local groups activities planned


1/14/22 Wetter to Baldwin regarding questionnaire

10/3/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin requesting ACLU plans- needed so Maryland Committee can plan its activities

10/7/22 Letter from Baldwin to Wetter- will send information

8/18/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin- Letter and enclosure
received. forwarded to Dept. of Justice

Correspondence regarding the case of Fred Esmond--Baldwin, Wetter,
Abrams-- Esmond was apparently a political prisoner confined to a
mental institution. His sentence is to be commuted if suitable
employment is guaranteed. Abrams, a farmer, supplied employment.
8/14/22 – 7/12/22 nine letters

6/16/22 Letter to Wetter from Albert DeSilver, lawyer for
ACLU, re. Simpson case and best lawyers

6/15/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin urgent appeal for help
with Simpson case

6/12/22 Note from Anna Kaufman to Wetter- sending our latest pamphlet

6/10/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin requesting 12 copies of
pamphlet, “The Truth About The IWW Prisoners”-needed for
street meetings for amnesty during week 6/24

5/26/22 Note from Anna Kaufman to Wetter- sending 12 copies
of pamphlet on IWW

4/6/22 Letter from Baldwin to Wetter- advice regarding problems
with lawyer McNamara

11/30/21 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin -notice of activities
•  letters to 20 committee members urging them to write
to President Harding urging amnesty
•  to 8 members requesting resolutions
•  to 6 members asking them to write papers
•  to 2 members asking them to see editors of papers personally
•  2 will prepare articles on amnesty
•  2 committees to secure resolutions from A.F. of L. and Amalgamated

11/22/21 Bulletin from Baldwin announcement of campaign to secure amnesty for remaining 147 federal political prisoners- members of D.C. committee

11/17/21 Note from Baldwin to Wetter --“Good Work!”

10/25/21 Letter from Wetter to Western Stars re.: Esmond-note by Baldwin

4/3/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin- outlines dispute with lawyer McNamara, over fees and service for cases of deportees- note of scene at Miss Gilman's home

3/28/22 Letter from Baldwin to Wetter- criticism of Fred Blosom- “I am convinced beyond argument of his having been involved in irregularities and crooked looking practices”

3/28/22 Letter from Baldwin to Local Civil Liberty Committees announcing creation of National Bail Fund

3/24/22 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin- item in Solidarity No. 136 (6/11/21 Fred A. Blossom cleared of charges- voted to exonerate by investigating committee of textile workers union a branch of Patterson IWW Dec. 1920)

1/18/22 Note from Wetter to Baldwin - returning receipt for correction to Maryland Committee for Civil Liberties

12/31/21 To Local Committees from Baldwin- Renewed efforts to obtain release of 125 prisoners- urgent to capitalize on release of Debs- suggested procedures
Bulletin from: ACLU- summary of efforts

12/1/21 Ba.dwin to Wetter- “Good Work!”

11/25/21 Baldwin to Wetter- Your plan is correct-- suggestion for letterhead

11/24/21 Wetter to Baldwin- plan for communication officers and executive committee members: chairman- Miss Gilman; secretary- T.S. Wetter; exec. Comm: Mercer C. Johnson, Broadus Mitchell, H.F. Willkie, Mrs. R.A. Spaeth, Mrs. Donald R. Hooker, S.M. Neistadt, B. Russo

11/16/21 Wetter to Baldwin- committee formed last night 21 members of which 3 from WDU

11/14/21 Baldwin to Wetter -advice on starting committee

11/2/21 Letter from Wetter to ACLU- “There are no legal issues involving civil liberties on which we are working at present”

11/1/21 Wetter to Baldwin- cites article by Gilman. Gilman's attitude due to Rev. Johnston's belief that Esmond threw the bomb in the Mooney case.

10/20/21 Baldwin to Wetter- nothing we can do for Esmond except get him adequate medical treatment in St. Elizabeth's Hospital- no possibility of getting a release except as one of a whole crowd- all should work through Western Star, 234 Maryland Building, Washington, D.C.

10/18/21 Wetter to Baldwin- working on Esmond case at request of Defense Committee of IWW- need for collaboration Communications of Workers Defense Union now appear on IWW stationery


10/10/21 Baldwin to Friends- request for information on issues

10/7/21 Letter from Wetter to Baldwin - forwarding transcripts

9/30/21 Baldwin to Wetter- I would be glad to keep transcripts of testimony-should be useful to lawyers-has many copies of “Since the Buford Sailed”

9/28/21 Wetter to Baldwin- we have transcripts of testimony in 34 local deportation cases

6/3/21 Letter from Albert DeSilver to WDU of Baltimore Senator Sterling's sedition bill (S 1375) out of committee Senator Borah will oppose it

Urgent- write letters opposing it & suggested content

4/28/21 Copy of Sen. Sterling's bill “To Prohibit and Punish Certain Seditious Acts Against the Government of the U.S. and to Prohibit Use of Mails for the Purpose
of Promoting Such Acts” Baldwin- request for completed questionnaires Booklets available from ACLU Questionnaire

11/12/20 Baldwin to Wetter- offer of help Lucille Milner, field secretary ACLU, to Wetter publications list

Suggestions for demanding amnesty Presidential campaign between Harding and Cox:
Organize committees
History of amnesty
Distribute leaflets
Disrupt meetings with heckling

Letters and telegrams: ACLU from Baldwin- “Emergency” Organize amnesty meeting before December20. Possibility of release of prisoners before Christmas.

5/26/20 From Louis F. Budenz, publications director of ACLU, offering copies of “Since the Buford Sailed”

3/27/20 Secretary (Wetter?) to Baldwin- “Ready to handle any cases in the vicinity”

3/24/20 Baldwin to Friends of WDU- Have you handled cases outside Baltimore ?

3/16/20 Baldwin to Wetter—prices of “Issues on the Centralia Murder Trial”
Sorry, can't meet on 4/14

3/12/20 Secretary (Wetter?) to Baldwin-WDU has decided to affiliate with your organization as a local district

3/5/20 Baldwin to Wetter- suggestions for affiliation

2/25/20 Secretary-Treasurer (Wetter?) to Baldwin- work of the WDU, membership of WDU

2/22/20 Wetter to Baldwin - sending ACLU copies of WDU audit and bulletin

2/18/20 Baldwin to Wetter- sending list of speakers, request of information re. WDU of Baltimore

2/17/20 Baldwin to Wetter- Wetter's letter to Miss Witherspoon of Peoples' Freedom Union referred to ACLU since ACLU is taking over their work. “Miss Flynn of WDU is working closely with us.”

2/14/20 Wetter to Frances K. Witherspoon, secretary of Peoples' Freedom Union- request for speakers

2/14/20 Wetter to Baldwin- request for speakers

1/14/20 Witherspoon to “Friends of Freedom”- activities of organization, appeal for funds

1/13/20 Baldwin to H. Austin Simons- request of American Freedom Foundation

12/18/19 wetter to Baldwin- receipt for check refund, 2 Russians deported, signed “Yours for the O.B.U.”

12/11/19 Baldwin to Wetter sending $6.00 refund of $25 check for expenses

12/8/19 Wetter to Baldwin- sending check for $25 signed“Yours for the 0.B.U.”
Baldwin to Wetter- will he glad to come to Baltimore after Dec. 1 if you still want me

11/30/19 Wetter to Baldwin- meeting will be held at Brith Shalom Hall, 1012 E. Baltimore St. on 11/7/19 to protest deportation of Russian workers

11/26/19 Wetter to Baldwin- invitation to speak at meeting 12/7/19— hall seats 1,000

9/8/19 Baldwin to Wetter- can't give definite date because leaving for trip west as a laborer

8/14/19 Wetter to Baldwin- sorry you can't come to Baltimore immediately. Kindly give us some definite Sunday date in the fall.

Folder IV. Correspondence between Wetter, Sellers, Hendin and George regarding Bail for political Prisoners Mention by Hendin of “a spy”

1/14/22 Kaufman to Wetter acknowledging receipt of card to Baldwin

11/23/21 Action Today, Please!

11/12/21 Telegram Baldwin in Washington

11/3/21 Baldwin to Wetter lucky to have paper as liberal as the Sun

7/7/21 Letter to Sellers Bittsfield, Mass. signed H. (Hendin?) Dr. Neistadt has your bonds

7/1/21 Sellers to “Dear Comrade” What happened to Russian cases?”

2/7/21 Letter 4 to oru co-operative organizations

1/9/20 Letter to Sellers unsigned— letter of 12/23 received did not reply because Dr. Neistadt said he had Your bonds are on Maroz‘s bail. We expect him to be deported on or about 1/24. When his bonds are released we will notify you.

12/3/20 Handwritten from Sellers to “Dear Comrade” inquiry re bonds for bail. Wrote to Neistadt and you and received no repiy.

6/26/20 from G. Hendin to “Dear Comrade” request clarification re. bonds from WDU. Is there a mistake on my part?

6/20/20 Letter to G. George c/o Dr. Spiro, 3618 W. 16th St., Chicago, Ill. Money Order for $75 received. Problem with bonds. We are unable to locate the numbers of those turned over to you

6/15/20 from G. Hendin to “Dear Comrade”- enclosing $75 money order which I assume will settle my account. Request receipt. Would like to know outcome of cases. CP (Communist Party?) and the RM(?) Hendin's address c/o Dr. Spiro 3618 W. 16th St . Chicago , Ill.

6/13/20 Letter to Gregory DelLion c/o Dr. Spiro previous remittance received but could not send receipt because Comrade Wilkins never got in touch with us

6/8/20 Hendin to Wetter- handwritten—has $75 balance owed WDU but needs assurance that previous amounts were received Spiro's address given for Gregory DelLion

5/20/20 Hendin to Wetter--refuting charges that he absconded with WDU funds when he left town at a short notice. Plan for restitution of $225

Undated-- Hendin to Wetter- on Labor League Cooperative Bakery stationary —enclosed money order $25. If you see Wilkens and if he has collected money for “my outfit” give same to WDU.“You will also find a slip proving that Caperland is a spy. Kindly read it to the WDU.”

3/24/20 to Hendin WDU not to act on resignation

3/22/20 Hendin to WDU- food sent to Kauklin- attorney obtained release of Karklin 3/17. Resigning from Defense Committee because of ill health on advice of physician

11/29/19 Western Union telegram

Folder V .

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee for Nov. & Dec., 1923 

President Coolidge, Attorney-General Daugherty Commuted sentences of 30 prisoners- all IWW at Leavenworth Financial Statement

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee for Sept. & Oct.,1923 Recommendations of judges for commutation of sentences Plan of action to be political pressure on President Coolidge Financial statement

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee for July & Aug., 1923 Political work-- special campaign in California No petitions to President Harding because of his illness
Petition drawn up to send to President Coolidge Senator Pepper's recommendation for unconditional pardons Status of Cases— 32 prisoners at Leavenworth, 1 at Atlanta
Plans for campaign signed Mary Gertrude Fendall, Exec. Secty.

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee to: July 13 to Aug.10 Releases- J.O. Bentall and J.A. MacDonald Deportation Cases- appeals for reduction of bail sent to Act. Secty. of Labor E.J. Henning who appears deliberately to misrepresent facts in letter to Miss Gilman Sacramento Case Organization- committee took no action because of President Harding's illness - Petitions will be sent to Pres. Coolidge Financial Statement for July

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee for June, 1923 - Lenox Building, 1523 L Street, Washington, D.C Status of Cases: On June 21, the day Pres. Harding began trip to Alaska, commutation announced for 27 political prisoners with conditions: must be loyal and law abiding; may be returned to prison at any time by order of the President-the sole judge eleven men refused commutation
Statement of Senator Pepper Organization Activities in cities where Pres. Harding spoke- St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Helena, Butte Financial Statement for June

Editorial-- Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 21, 1923--”Cat and Mouse Pardons” criticism of pardons that can i.e. cancelled at the
president's discretion

Report of the Joint Amnesty Committee for Feb. Political work Organization: New York meetings at home of Mrs. Willard Straight speakers; Dr. Fosdick and Heywood Broun- 300 present Philadelphia- consent to hold meeting at the Art Alliance withdrawn resulting in publicity Baltimore- secured endorsement of 5O bishops of Protestant
Episcopal Church Boston- series of meetings addressed by James Manning
Cincinnati- meetings and letters to the president asking for the immediate release of Quigley and Tabib Chicago and Detroit responded to appeals. Other Activities: Picketing of White House, Publicity, Pamphlet, Financial Statement for February

Statement Concerning Cases of Political Prisoners by Major General John F. O'Ryan, Commander 27th Division Advocates release of prisoners

Report of Amnesty Committee for Jan., 1923 Political Work- activities of Mrs. Abby Scott Eaker and Mrs. Nathalie B. Ellis with members of the Senate and House of Representatives Endorsements by prominent lawyers Organization- Amnesty Committees formed in New York; Rhode Island; Boise, Idaho, Evanston, Ill. Cases- President offered commutation on condition men be deported-- 3 declined because of condition ***Fred Esmond - unconditional commutation due to illness***
Others- Qigley, Tabib (dying of TB) Financial statement

Report of Joint Amnesty Committee for Oct. 6 to Dec. 31, 1922 Joint Amnesty Committee of the ACLU in D.C. reorganized as an independent committee
Affiliation secured (among others) of Baltimore Civil Liberties Committee
Worked to keep issue of amnesty alive Appeals to president members of House and Senate Pre-election activities Mass Meetings- Senator Borah
Demonstrations, Pickets at White House, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving
Publicity, Financial Report, Results- increased public interest House and Senate- notably Sen. George Warton Pepper of Pennsylvania Since Oct- 12 political prisoners released-- 7 men in Chicago case will be released if they will accept deportation

Folder VI. Correspondence Receipts-Workers Defense Union & Joseph Hettleman,
Attorney----Dispute regarding fees and services T.S. Wetter. Secretary-treasurer “WD” Dec. 22, 1919 - Jan. 31 1920

Folder VII. Trial of Seven Labor Leaders-- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1920
Defense Committee Bulletins, Newsletters, Accounts of Testimony

Folder VIII. Statement of Emma Goldman and Alexander Bergman prior to
deportation- December 19, 1919
Statement by Alexander Bergman published in the Atlanta “Constitution” October 1, 1919 on the day of his release from
federal penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia.

Folder IX.

Deportation Hearings of Aliens-- Lawyers for the defense- Joseph Hettleman; Hearing Officer- J. Abner Sayler 
Benicewich, Kazimir
Berezin, M.
Berger, Fred H.
Brunert, John
Doya, William M.
Hauke, Heinrich (Stauch)
Holm, Carl
Kostevich, Louis
Moroz, Gregory (Mike)
Savchuck, Sergei
Sokolowski, Malachia
Szerba, Mike
Tadzizieg (Podziziey), Yefin
Tryzno, Vincent
Zarko, Nikifor
Zatyn, Michael

Folder X.

Deportation Hearings of Aliens—- Lawyers for defense- Hettleman and McNamara; Special Agent, Department of Justice- Wm. M. Doyas
Bachur, Stephan
Friedenburg, Charles
Lazaruk, Affanasij
Lutzky (Lutsky), Aime
Ohsis, Julius & Katie
Schwetz, Stepan
Sopko, Gabriel & Ivan
Stepaniuk, Ivan
Zimmerman, Bertha & David

Folder XI. Correspondence from T.S. Wetter to Police Commissioners- Applications
to hold meetings Speakers: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Norman Thomas,
Joe Biedenkapp ( Winnipeg ),Roger Baldwin

Folder XII. Correspondence from Political Prisoners to and from Wetter
Letter to Pauline Wetter from Fort Leavenworth Prison

Folder XIII. Correspondence between Wetter, Lessig, Mashlykin, Duffy
re. Maritime Transport Workers——11/18/20 – 12/20/20

Folder XIV. Correspondence between Wetter, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and McNamara, 1/24/20 — 3/25/25

Folder XV. Correspondence between Wetter and M. Harrison re. her plan to
investigate prison conditions

Folder XVI. Transcripts of Deportation Hearings-- 2/3/19 - 1/22/20

Bogdanovich, Sebastian or Sam
Fesiuk, Jakov
Holowkin, Paul
Jatzuk, Ignaty
Klimchuk, Ignaty
Kinchok (Klimchuk), Nikita or Nikifor
Morogolenkow, Ivan
Oleshko, Simon
Opolko, Gregory
Ponko, Stiepan
Semeniuk (Semenuik), Peter
Sycz, Andrei
Szcerba, Alexander
Waszkiewich, Michael

Folder XVII. Sacramento Case 

Fred Esmond, mental patient- political prisoner- accused in connection with disturbance- correspondence between persons trying to obtain release: Pierce and Telfair Wetter

Folder XVIII. Miscellaneous Receipts and Records

Folder XIX. Minutes of Meetings of Joint Amnesty Committee:

January-June 1923 
July 1923-July 4, 1924
Press Releases

Folder XX. Newsletters: Winnipeg, Canada Strike