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Health & Welfare Council of Maryland (HWC)

Partially digitized collection of archival documents held in Langsdale Library Special Collections


Welcome to the Archives 24/7 access portal to Langsdale Library Special Collections. This guide provides access to archival collections that have been partially scanned and are available for download in PDF format. 

Collections have been scanned to provide access copies for educational use. Each link represents a folder from the archival collection. Clicking a link will open scanned documents in PDF format. Please refer to our citation policiy on this page.

This material is part of the Health & Welfare Council of Maryland Collection. To see a guide to the complete archival collection, including material not selected for digitization, please refer to our collection guide here.



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Box 1. 1933-1936
1. Baltimore Survey
2. Baltimore Survey
3. Attitudes Toward The Development of a School of Social Work in Maryland and Estimated Enrollments
4. Study of The Situation of Children Living on Barges and House Boats in Baltimore Harbor
5. Report of Committee on Transients
6. Relief Bulletin
7. School Children Receiving Clothing
8. Private & Pubic Responsibility for Social Welfare
9. Cratmart's Admission to Community Fund
10. Baltimore League for the Hard of Hearing
11. Development of School of Social Work
12. Appraisal of Infant and Preschool Hygiene Program of Baltimore
13. Private and Public Responsibility For The Infant and Preschool Hygiene Program of Baltimore

Box 2. 1937-1938
2. Statistical Release #1- Protective and Foster Care of Children
3. A Social Study of Wards 5 and 10 in Baltimore, Maryland -  by Frances Morton
4. Across the Fallsway: A Synopsis of Wards 5 and 10
5. A Study of Resources and Needs For Day Care of Children In Baltimore
6. Suggestions for a Plan to Determine Need For Additional Sheltered Workshop Facilities in Baltimore
7. Boys Home Society of Baltimore
8. Good Shepherd General Hospital
9. Study to Determine Need For Additional Sheltered Workshop Facilities in Baltimore
10.Clinton Street Neighborhood: A Study of Recreational Needs & Sources
11. Child Study Association Baltimore District
12. Associated Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Maryland
13. Report of The Committee on Volunteers to the Board of The Council of Social Agencies
14. Day Nursery Association for Colored Children
15. Pediatric Dispensary District Plan
16. The Home For Incurables
17. Data on Per Capita Costs in Agencies Caring For Dependent Children
18. Private & Public Responsibility For The Infant and Preschool Hygiene Program of Baltimore-A Follow-up Report
19. Camps and Campers-A study of Camp Needs and Non- Profit Camp Facilities
20. Forty Seven Homeless Men: A Sampling Study of Cases at the Salvation Army Shelter
21. A Study of Families of Six or More Individuals Dependent on a WPA Monthly Wage of $49.20

Box 3. 1939
8. Committee on Child Welfare Needs and Services
9. Effects of Department of Public Welfare Cut-Offs on Persons Ineligible For Reapplication
10. Preliminary Report on Total Expenditures for Health and Welfare in Baltimore in 1938

Box 4. 1939-1941
1. Areas of Responsibility of Member Agencies
2. Community Services For Unmarried Negro Mothers in Baltimore City
3. Camp Fire Girls
4. Budgets for Low Income Families
5. Clothing For School Children
6. Girls Scout Council of Baltimore and Baltimore County
7. A Survey of the Y.M.C.A.
8. Rent Court Demonstration
9. The Community Fund of Baltimore Inc - Report of the Survey Staff
10.The Baltimore League for The Hard Hearing
11. Personnel Policies of The Baltimore Council of Social Agencies Compared with Seven Other Baltimore Social Agencies
12. Non Resident Unattached Men
13. Seven Mendicants
14. Mendicancy a Vocation
15. Chronic Hospital Care
16. Report of Special Committee on West Baltimore General Hospital Pediatric Service
17. Comparative Analysis of Positions in Family Welfare Association & Henry Watson Children’s Aid Society
18. Seminar on Civil Service Examinations
19. Civil Service in Public Welfare
20. Report of Special Committee on West Baltimore Hospital Expansion Plan
21. A Dental Program For Baltimore
22. Report of The Committee on Function of Family Agencies
23. Florence Crittenton Mission of Baltimore City, Inc.
24. Committee on Day Care For Children Report on Standards For Day Nurseries
25. Craftmart and The Homebound
26. Child Welfare Needs
27. Report to Community Fund on Maryland League For Crippled Children’s Request for Two Additional Physiotherapists

Box 5. 1942
1. Service & Financial Data On The Voluntary General Hospitals in Baltimore 1940 and 1941
2. Division of Recreational & Educational Agencies
3. Services of Case work Agencies
4. Truancy
5. Pediatric Clinic of Provident Hospital
6. Baltimore Council of Social Agencies- Committee on Training
7. Responsibility for The Provision of Glasses
8. Advisory Committee on The Convalescent Care Study
9. YWCA Request for All Association Adult Activities Worker
10. Maryland League For Crippled Children
11. McKim Playground
12. Boy Scout Camps

Box 6. 1942-1943
1.Harriet Lane Home Health Clinic
2. Report of the Demonstration Program of Foster Day Care
3. Division of Recreational and Educational Agencies
4. Division of Family and Child Care Agencies
5. Recreational Services Needed For the Wartime Civilian Population in Baltimore
6. Boy Scouts of America - Baltimore Area Council
7. Maryland League For Crippled Children
8. Baltimore Urban League’s Plan for Employing a Woman Industrial Secretary
9. Night Shift Canteen
10. A Study of The Convalescent Care Needs of Negro Children and of Adolescents Both White and Negro
11. Study of the Needs of Women for Temporary Lodging and Recreation
12. Ratio of Secretarial Staff to Case Load and Professional Staff
13. Childen's Clinic of Provident Hospital - A Follow-up Study
14. Dundalk USO-YMCA
15. Middle River Boys' Club
16. Children's Fresh Air Society

Box 7. 1943-1944
1. Study of Lutheran Inner Mission Society Family Welfare Department
2. George F. Bragg Church Home for Boys
3. Brooklyn Recreational Needs
4. Division of Family and Child Care Agencies
5. Report to The Board of Directors on Council Participation in Civil Service Examinations
6. Report of Sub-Committee on Unmarried Parenthood
7. Recreation Needs of the Fairfield Area and of Holabird Homes
8. A Study of The Mental Hygiene Society’s Proposed Expansion of Service
9. Institutional Care For Children With Chronic Diseases

Box 8. 1944-1945
1. Food Expenditures Aged Women’s And Aged Men’s Homes
2. Maryland State Program of Services for Crippled Children
3. Division of Family and Child Care Agencies
4. Glenn L. Martin Boys Club
5. Proposal For Joint Home Finding Project
6. Harriet Lane Home Health Clinic
7. A study of The Extent and Character of Needs For Long Time Medical Institutional Care For Children From Birth to 21 Years of Age
8. Report To The Mental Hygiene Society of Maryland
9. Young Men’s Christian Association Proposed Capital Expenditures
10. Division of Recreational & Educational Agencies
11. Night Shift Canteen for Colored Workers
12. Division of Family & Child Care Agencies
13. Salaries Paid By Family & Children’s Agencies in Baltimore and in Comparable Agencies in 12 Other Cities
14. Medical Survey, Selective Service
15. Medical Survey, Selective Service
16. Division of Recreational & Educational Agencies
17. Report of Committee on YMCA Proposed Salary Scale
18. Maryland League for Crippled Children
19. Study of The Need For Additional Group Living Facilities

Box 9. 1945-1946
1. Report of The East Baltimore Recreation Center Committee
2. Child Study Association
3. Baltimore Council of Social Agencies
4. 1944 Expenditures of Community Fund & Its Member Agencies for Services to Baltimore City & Outside of The City
5. Working Hours & Salaries CSA & Other Agencies
6. A Supplement to A Study Made at The Request of The Community Fund of Baltimore on The Maryland League For Crippled Children
7. Statement of Services Available to Non- Residents
8. Intake Policy- Children’s Policy – Children’s Fresh Air Society
9. Division of Family & Child Care Agencies
10. Statistical Analysis of Figures of Four Agencies of The Community Fund Which Have Relief Items In Their Budgets
11. Statistical Report on Established Non- Profit Camps of Baltimore
12. Salvation Army Proposed Capital Campaign

Box 10. 1946
1. Provident Hospital
2. Glenn L. Martin Boys’ Club
3. Day Care Program For Children of Nursery School Age
4. Harriet Lane Home
5. Day Care Needs in Baltimore City
6. International Centre
7. Family & Children’s Society
8. Boys’ Activities Program of The Department of Public Recreation
9. Adoption Laws - 1945
10. Baltimore Urban League
11. Boy Scouts of America
12. YMCA Plan for Ship visiting

Box 11. 1946-1947
1. First Maryland Regiment United Brigades of America
2. Girl Scout Council of Baltimore and Baltimore County Inc.
3. Statistical Report On Established For Non-Profit Camps of Baltimore-1946
4. Gold Street USO
5. YMCA Towson Project

Box 12. 1947-1952
1. Recreational Facilities and Programs For New Public Housing Areas
2. Report on The Need For Additional Counseling Service in Baltimore
3. Family and Children’s Society A Report Concerning the Society’s Proposed Salaries for 1948
4. Instructive Visiting Nurse Association - Report of Salary Study
5. Recreational Needs of The Twelfth Election District of Baltimore County
6.The Subject of Differentials in Qualifications & Pay For Case Workers Generally & Psychiatric Case Workers
7. Scholarship & Field Work Plains in Local Case Work Agencies
8. Citizens Planning and Housing Association
9. Home For Incurables
10. Instructive Visiting Nurse Association
11. Girl Scout Capital Campaign
12. A Report of the Committee on Function of Family Agencies
13. Establishment of a Central Volunteer Bureau
14.Report Relating to The Brace Shop At The Children’s Hospital School
15. An Inquiry into The Need For The Present Number of Employees at Cylburn
16. Job Classification Study of Nine- Recreation & Education Agencies
17. Toy Loan Project
18. Comparative Salary Study of Chest Agency Executives in Fourteen Selected Cities
19. Child Study Association
20. Boys Home Society
21. Baltimore’s Non- Profit Camps
22. Vacation Lodge
23. Vacation Relief For Teachers at The Child Study Center
24. A Report Relating To The Mental Hygiene Society of Maryland
25. Receipts and Expenditures of Boy Scout Camps
26. A Report of Occupational Therapy Training Program
27. Study of Area Projects of The Baltimore Youth Commission
28. Use of Automobiles By Community Chest Agencies
29. Assistance To Families of Employable Persons & Families Receiving Inadequate Financial Assistance Due To The Application of A Ceiling
30. Public & Private Responsibility For Foster Home Care of Children

Box 13. 1950
1. Recommendations of Studies 1949-1950
2. Recreational Facilities and Programs For New Public Housing Areas
3. Report of The Committee on Function of Family Agencies
4. National Dues Payments By Community Chest Agencies
5. A Study To Determine How The Division of Medical Care Agencies Can Improve Its Service To the Community
6. Baltimore YMCA Expenditures in Relation To Those of YMCA’s in Other Cities
7. Use of Job Classification Study of Nine Recreation-Education Agencies
8. Instructive Visiting Nurse Association- Salary Report
9. The Baltimore Urban League
10. Appraisal of The Services of The Child Study Association
11. Report on Foster Home Problems
12. Relief Coverage & Grants
13. Resident Camp Services Provided By Baltimore Non- Profit Camps Summer of 1949
14. Children’s Home of Baltimore
15. A Study of The Homeless and Transient Persons
16. YMCA Turner Station Project
17. Report On the Auspices & Support of a Central Volunteer Bureau
18. The Need For A School of Social Work in The Baltimore Area
19. St Paul’s Girls’ School
20. Salvation Army Proposed Negro Boys’ Club
21. Report of The Committee on Radio Interpretation
22. Report of The Committee on Radio Interpretation
23. Baltimore Goodwill Industries- Report on Plan For Factory Consolidation
24. Towson YMCA Building Project
25. Baltimore Hearing Society Recreational Projects

Box 14. 1951-1955
1. Report of The Committee on Function of Child Care Agencies
2. Committee on Relief Coverage & Grants
3. Functions of Agencies in The Field of Rehabilitation of Offenders
4. Public Agency Membership in Councils of Social Agencies
5. A Study of The Child Study Center of Maryland
6. Morgan State College Student YMCA
7. The Home For Incurables of Baltimore City
8. Workshop on Recreational Needs
9. The Need For Friendly Visiting in Baltimore
10. Report of Committee on Criteria & Priorities
11. Recreational Facilities & Programs For New Housing Areas
12. Camp Fire Girls
13. Leadership Needs and Qualifications in Baltimore Play Grounds
14. Summer Employment for College Students
15. Young Men’s Christian Association Proposed Baldwin Building
16. Salvation Army Negro Boys’ Club
17. A Study of The Instructive Visiting Nurse Association of Baltimore
18. A Study of Big Brothers of Baltimore
19. Relocation Problems and Services
20. Detention Needs in Maryland
21. Lists of Organizations in Baltimore City

Box 15. 1961
1. Health & Welfare Council of The Baltimore Area Inc.- Status & Ability

Box 16. 1952-1956
1. Needs of the Armed Forces- For Recreation in Baltimore
2. Emotionally Disturbed Children & Resources For Their Care
3. Seamen’s Branch Young Men’s Christian Association of Baltimore
4. Report of The Social Services Committee For The Mt. Royal Area
5. A Study of Salvation Army Plans For Capital Campaign 1955
6. Study Of The Prisoner’s Aid Association
7. Study of Baltimore Criminal Justice Commission
8. Directory of Day Care Centers, Nursery Schools, Kindergartens
9. A Study of Homeless, Sick and Alcoholic Persons in the Baltimore City Jail
10. A Study of Homeless, Sick & Alcoholic Persons in The Baltimore City Jail (abbreviated report)

Box 17. 1952-1953
1. Young Women’s Christian Association of Baltimore
2. Public Payments to Voluntary Child Care Institutions and Agencies
3. Directory of Services to Children with Long-Term Illness
4. Aged Women’s and Aged Men’s Homes
5. Baltimore Council of Social Agencies: Office Manual-1953
6. Report of Committee on Boys Home Society
7. A Report on a Proposal That The Adoption Law be Amended to Permit Agencies to Change Fees
8. Dispensing of Eyeglasses to Clinic & Charity Patients
9. A Study of Current Boarding Rates
10. Results of Council Studies: 1949-1950

Box 18. 1956
1. Proceedings of Conference on Agency Experiences in Racially Integrated Recreation Programs
2. Camp Facilities for Handicapped Children
3. A Thumbnail Sketch of Your Baltimore Council of Social Agencies
5. A Study of The Use of Investigation Units in Departments of Public Welfare
6. Report of The Mental Hygiene Societies Study Committee to The Board of Directors of The Baltimore Council of Social Agencies
7. 1956 Study of The Need For a School of Social Work in Maryland

Box 19. 1957
1. Study of Camping Needs of Children with Handicaps
2. The Management of Psychiatric Emergencies
3. Proceedings of Conference on Recreation For Children with Handicaps
4. A Study of The Children’s Guild
5. A Report of A Study of The Baltimore Hearing Society
6. Report of A Study of Homebound Children in Baltimore
7. A Report by The Committee To Review Boys Home Society
8. A Study of The Children’s Fresh Air Society

Box 20. 1957-1959
1. A Grass Roots look At Community Services
2. Summary of Proceedings of Institute on Community Organization Concepts and Techniques
3. Report of Advisory Committee On Interior Open Spaces
4. The Behavior of Youth - A Study of Adolescent Boys in The Northwest Area of Baltimore
5. A Report of an Exploratory Study of the Social-Pshychological Characteristics of families whose Children are Placed in Emergency Shelter Care by the Department of Public Welfare of The City of Baltimore
6. Child Day Care Needs in The Canton Area of Baltimore
7. Rewards & Stumbling Blocks in Social Agency Patnership
8. Report of The Committee on Juvenile Court Services
9. Community Welfare Services To Residents of Public Housing
10. Children’s Aid and Family Service Society of Baltimore County
11. Report of Study of The Baltimore Social Service Exchange
12. Agency Teamwork For Youth
13. A Report to the Mayor of Baltimore City By The Baltimore Youth Commission
14. Leisure Time- People, Agencies & The Future
15. Voluntary Admissions to Springfield State Hospital

Box 21. 1959-1960
1. Administrative Review Children’s Home of Baltimore
2. Why Children and Families Go Hungry in Maryland
3. Food Allowances in Maryland Public Welfare Grants
4. Report on Youth of Baltimore
5. Success of Recreation Program for Baltimore Children
6. Report on The Baltimore Hearing Society
7. 1960 Budget of The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Welfare
8. Report To The Mayor on Camp Francis Wood
9. Administrative Review of The Travelers Aid Society of Baltimore Inc.
10. Report of the Lafayette Square Community Center
11. The Need For a Central Information and Referral Service in The Metropolitan Baltimore Area
12. A Review of Baltimore’s Problem of Chronic Alcoholism and Acute Intoxication
13. Access to The Mental Hospital

Reports (continued)

Box 22. 1960-1962 
1. The Problem of The Domestic Relations Offender 
2. Study of The Howard County Children’s Aid Society 
3. Directory of Day Care - 1960 
4. Finding the way To the Mental Hospital 
5. Prisoners Aid Association of MD 
6. Report & Proceedings Conference on “ Half-way Houses” 
7. Advisory Committee of the Travelers Aid Society of Baltimore 
8. Study of Proposed New Position in Baltimore Urban League 
9. The House parent’s Role in Evaluating The New Child 
10. Expenditures 1960 
11. Residential Psychiatric Treatment For Children in Maryland 
12. A Study of Factors Influencing The Rehabilitation of Physically Disabled Persons 
13. A Study of The Needs and Interests of Older People in Anne Arundel County 
14. The Negro Migrant an Exploratory Study 
15. Review of Boys Home Society 
16. Study of Homemaker Service Needs in Metropolitan Baltimore 
17. Treatment Centers For Disturbed Children What Shall The Community Do? 
18. Progress Report of The Committee on Unemployment Problems 
19. Report of The Study Committee on Happy Hills 
20. A Proposal For A Master Plan For Human Redevelopment

Box 23. 1962-1964 
1. The Maryland Children’s Aid Society In The Metropolitan Baltimore Area 
2. Need For Maryland Children’s Aid Society Services in Metropolitan Baltimore 
3. Mental Health Agencies Providing Services To Anne Arundel County Citizens 
4. Selected Aspects of Re-organized Girl Scout Council of Central Maryland 
5. Marriage Counseling in the Baltimore Area 
6. Report of The Sheltered Workshop Review Committee 
7. Findings & Recommendations on The Children’s Guild Inc. 
8. A Day Care Center As A Pilot Project In The Westport Homes 
9. Baltimore’s Big Brothers Inc. 
10. Statistical & Analytical Supplement To Study Baltimore’s Big Brothers Inc. 
11. Baltimore Area Day Care Directory 
12. Medical Transportation For Community – Aided Patients 
13. Reaching Hard To Reach Youth 
14. Baltimore’s Plan For Action On Human Renewal

Box 24. 1963-1964 
1. Inventory of HWC Publications From December 1934 to March 1964 
2. Follow Up Report of The 1962 Review of The Boys Home Society 
3. Baltimore Criminal Justice Commission- Code Book 
4. A Study of Salvation Army Annapolis Day Nursery 
5. The Salvation Army Annapolis Day Nursery 
6. Day Care Needs in Maryland 
7. Public Images of Foster Care A Preliminary Report 
8. Study Committee Report on Central Scholarship Bureau Inc. 
9. Study Material For The Central Scholarship Bureau 
10. A Plan For Action On The Problems of Baltimore’s Disadvantaged People 
11. Small Area Analysis of Poverty and Social Problems in Baltimore City 
12. Summary of A Plan For Action on The Problems of Baltimore’s Disadvantaged People 
13. Historical Analysis of Baltimore’s Inner City Neighborhoods 
14. Interviews with Community Resource People 
15. Survey of Action Area Residents 
16. Technical Supplement- Survey of Action Area Residents: Baltimore, MD 
17. Treatment Centers for Disturbed Children: What Shall The Community Do? 
18. Background Material For Use By The Relocation Project Evaluation Committee 
19. Study of Baltimore Neighborhoods 
20. Study Material For Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. 
21. Services For The Mentally Ill of Baltimore 
22. Report of Results of Youth Opportunity Campaign Summer 1965 
23. Residential Psychiatric Treatment for Children in Maryland 
24. The Jewish Family and Children’s Service- Adoption Study 
25. Technical Supplement JFCS Adoption Study

Box 27. 1965-1966 
1. Operation Reason- Narrative Progress Report 
2. Court Programs of Marriage Counseling and Marriage Conciliation 
3. A Study of Services and Activities In Response To The Communicative Disorders 
4. Social Welfare Planning in Baltimore City 
5. A Final Report to The Baltimore Urban Renewal and Housing Agency on The Demonstration Relocation Project 
6. First Year Report On Job Counseling and Referral Clinics 
7. Final Report to Community Action Agency on Operation Medicare Alert 
8. Helping the Older Worker Find Employment 
9. A Plan For A Homemaker Home Health Aide Service 
10. Baltimore County Health and Welfare Council- Background Material 
11. Services For Unmarried Mothers 
12. Study Material for Services For Unmarried Mothers In The Baltimore Metropolitan Area 
13. Lafayette Square Community Center 
14. Study Material For Review of La Fayette Square Community Center 
15. Child Study Center After Care Service

Box 28. 1967-1968 
1. A Proposed After-Care Service Within The Child Study Center Program 
2. Low-Cost Housing How It Can Be Achieved 
3. Position Classification and Salary Range Study for Community Chest Agencies 
4. Position Classification and Salary Range Study for Community Chest Agencies (Technical Supplement) 
5. Report Of The Committee On Self-Help Program For Ex-Offenders 
6. Resident Camping in Central Maryland 
7. Resident Camping in Central Maryland (Duplicate) 
8. Resident Camping in Central Maryland (Summary) 
9. Study Material for Resident Camping Resources in The Central Maryland 
10. Residential Group Care of Children Under Voluntary Auspices In The Baltimore Metropolitan Area 
11. Helping elderly, chronically ill persons obtain needed health and social services 
12. The McKim Community Association 
13. Care and Treatment of Children In Group Facilities 
14. Decentralization for Public Welfare 
15. Special Projects and Programs Concerned with Poverty in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, Howard County 
16. Report on The Baltimore Metropolitan Meals-On Wheels Committee 
17. Final Report on Job Counseling and Referral Clinics

Box 29. 1968-1970 
1. Report on Mc Kim Community Association 
2. Benefits for Employees of Baltimore Area Health and Welfare Agencies 
3. 1968 Opportunity For Youth Program Evaluation Report Number One 
4. Review of Member Agencies - Anne Arundel County Community Chest 
5. Educating Gypsy Children in Baltimore 
6. 1968 Opportunity For Youth Program Evaluation Report #2 
7. Child Care Workers in Baltimore - Training and Jobs 
8. Special Projects and Programs Concerned with Poverty in: Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, Howard County 
9. Summer Jobs In Social Work new directions 
10. Background Information To Evaluate Summer Jobs in Social Work Program 
11. Recommended Minimum Benefits for Employees of Baltimore Area Health & Welfare Agencies 
12. Voluntary Funding of Indigenous Organizations 
13. A one day Census of Social Welfare Jobs in Maryland: January 30, 1970 - Part 1 Findings 
14. Master List of Publications 1934-1970 
15. 1969 Opportunity For Youth Program- Evaluation Report on Employment Programs 
16. 1969 Opportunity For Youth Program Evaluation Report on Employment Programs 
17. Report to General German Orphan Association of Maryland 
18. Background Material to Study the General German Orphan Association 
19. Food Stamps a Must for Harford County 
20. Final Report on Whatcoat-Stricker Street Community Center with Implications For Federated Fund-Raising in The Baltimore Area 
21. Evaluation Of the Druid Hill YMCA Leadership Training and Development Program

Box 30. 1971-1972 
1.Summer Recreation Programs Under Sponsorship of Baltimore City Summer of 1970 
2. Inventory of Transportation Services For Health Care in The Baltimore Metropolitan Region 
3. Mayor’s Stations in Baltimore 
4. The Role of The Baltimore Urban League in Consumer Services 
5. United Way of America, Inc. –A Plan For Fund Raising, Planning, and Allocating in Baltimore, MD 
6. Background Materials- Residential Maternity Care and Adoption Services 
7. Background Material for Legal Services to The Poor 
8. Needs, Services and Resources In Howard County, Maryland 
9. Report on Relationships between the Maryland Association for Mental Health and its local Member Chapters 
10. Residential Maternity Care in Maryland 
11. Background Material for Study-Travelers Aid Society of Baltimore, Inc 
12. Description of Operation of the Information and Referral Service Baltimore, Maryland 1962-1971 
13. Master List of Publications, 1934-1971 
14. The Design and Establishment of a Statewide Information and Referral Service in Maryland 
15. The Greisenheim A Plan for Continued Service to The Elderly

Box 31. 1972-1973 
1. An Income Development Plan For The Baltimore Area Boy Scout Council 
2. Final Report on Summer Jobs in Social Work Program 
3. Ten Year Report Describing The Operation of the Information and Referral Service Baltimore, Maryland 1962 through 1971 
4. Report on Travelers Aid Society of Baltimore 
5. A Proposal For The Design of an Automated Resource File For Health and Welfare Services in Maryland 
6. Staff Report on The Mayor’s Coordinating Council on Fund-Raising 
7. Consultation Report to Board of Directors of Man Alive Research, Inc. 
8. Adoption Services in Maryland

Box 32. 1973-1979 
1. Work Program For 1973-1974 
2. Consultation Report on the U.S. O. in General Maryland 
3. Report of Information and Referral Service Study Committee 
4. Program Plan for 1974-1975; Military Personnel and Their Families and Central Maryland Community Services 
5. Consultation to the Anne Arundel County Community Chest Concerning Services to The Retarded 
6. A Basic Design for Information and Referral Services 
7. Consultation Report for Maryland Conference of Social Concern 
8. Working Paper on Social Service Delivery in Maryland: An Overview of Programs, Problems and Priorities in the Voluntary Sector 
9. Report of The Committee on Neighborhood Services Operation 
10. A Report on Salaries for Selected Occupations in Human-Service Agencies 
11. Multi-Purpose Centers In Baltimore City 

12. Design of A Management Information System For Social Service Organizations 
13. Program Plan 1978-1979 
14. Needs Assessment – A State of The Art- Report 
15. A Report on Salaries For Selected Occupations in Human Service Agencies

Box 33. 1979-1982 
1. Report on The Regulation of Non Public Family day Care Homes, Day Care Centers, Day Camps and Schools 
2. Program Plan 1979-1980 
3. A Report on Salaries For Selected Occupations in Human Service Agencies 
4. A Handbook For Agency Self-Assessment: Standards For Evaluating Administrative Practices of Human Service Organizations – Volume 1 
5. Program Plan 1980-1981 
6. Program Plan 1981-1982 
7. Crisis Intervention Services in Central Maryland; Directions for The Future

Box 39. 
1. Adoption in Maryland Gets With It

Box 46. 
1. Urban Renewal in Baltimore 
2. Focal Point on Community Needs 
3. Baltimore Metropolitan Area Urban Affairs Bibliography 
4. Vocational Rehabilitation in Maryland: 1929-1964 
5. The Department of Welfare City of Baltimore 
6. Moving Forward With The Baltimore Section 
7. Legislative Program of The Maryland Commission For Children and Youth 1963 Legislative Session 
8. The Out of School, Unemployed Youth 
9. Legislative Program of The Maryland Commission For Children and Youth 1964 Legislative Session 
11. Legislative Program of The Maryland Commission For Children and Youth 1966 Legislative Session 
12. Progress Report of The Maryland State Department of Public Welfare: 1950-1959 
14. Study of Area Projects of The Baltimore Youth Commission 
15. The Young Men’s Christian Association of Baltimore - Towson, Maryland 
16. Institutional Facility Needs- Ten Year Development Program 1960 through 1970 
17. Governor’s Report To The People-Maryland 1959-1966

Box 47. 
1. Inventory of Student Research Projects (1963-1969) 
2. Social Welfare Planning - Community Self-Study in A Changing Society 
3. Baltimore County Waterfront Recreation Survey 
4. First Annual Social Group Work Conference 
5. The War on Poverty: A Synopsis - 1968 
6. The War on Poverty: A Synopsis- 1966 
7. Baltimore City Community Action Agency:1967-1968 Report and CEP Camps Report 
8. The Level of Effort in The Anti-Poverty System in Baltimore-Working Paper No.6 
9. Neighborhood Development Program 
10. The Relationship Between Social System Theory and Community Organization Theory 
11. Maryland Association For Mental Health, Inc.- Psychiatry, Prejudice and Poverty 
12. Maryland State Conference on Poverty in The Midst of Plenty 
13. Technology in the Midst of Plenty 
14. The Problem of Poverty & The National Scene 
15. Facts of Poverty in Maryland 
16. Help for Consumers 
17. The Public School and the Disadvantaged Baltimorean (1961-1962) 
18. Maryland Population 1930-1970 By Election Districts, Cities and Towns 
19. Maryland Population 1930-1960 By Election Districts, Cities and Towns 
20. Selected Socio-economic Characteristics of Seven East Baltimore Census Tracts 
21. Population and Housing Statistics 
22. Howard County Planning Commission: Population Report 
23. Anne Arundel County, MD- Population: 1955 
24. Maryland’s 1961 Nursing Home Plan 
25. Bureau of Medical Services and Hospitals 
26. Maryland’s Nursing Home Plan 
27. Proposed Plan For The Construction of Public and Non Profit Nursing Homes 
28. The Effect of Public Health Nursing In The Care of The Mentally Ill 
29. Proceedings of Conference on Community Services To Families Of The Mentally Ill 
30. Psychiatric Services Received By Residents of An Entire State During A One Year Period 
31. Planned Uses Of A Statewide Psychiatric Register For Aiding Mental Health In The Community

Box 48. 
1. Conference on Social Crippling A By- Product of Institutional Living 
2. Emergency Psychiatric Services – Report of a 10 Day Visit 
3. Outpatient Population of Psychiatric Clinics Maryland, 1958-1959 
4. The Psychiatric Emergency & Screening Program In Washington County, Maryland 
5. Data on Counties in Maryland - 1960 
6. Diagnostic and Demographic Characteristics of Patients Seen In Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics For Maryland 
7. Characteristics of Nursing Homes in Metropolitan Baltimore 
8. Survey Report on Characteristics of Persons Residing in Nursing Homes and Homes For The Aged in Montgomery County, Ohio 
9. Standards and Regulations For Nursing, Convalescent and Care Homes 
10. State Mental Retardation Plan 
11. State Mental Retardation Plan - Draft 
12. An Integrated State-Wide Program for Mentally Retarded Children 
13. Interim Report of Study Group on Mentally Retarded Children 
14. Eight Years of Desegregation In The Baltimore Public Schools: Fact and Law 
15. 1962 Supplement Toward Equality Baltimore’s Progress Report 
16. Desegregation Baltimore Public Schools- History Problems Solutions 
17. The Maryland Negro- 501 Facts, Figures and Fancies about The Maryland Negro 
18. An Ecological Analysis of Diagnosed Mental Illness in Baltimore 
19. The Demography of Mental Illness in Maryland 
20. Services Received by Maryland Residents in Facilities Directed by A Psychiatrist 
21. Follow-up Of Post –Trial Visit Adjustment of Psychiatric Patients 
22. Maryland’s Emotionally Disturbed Children 
23. Proceedings of the Maryland Conference on Community Mental Health 
24. Summary of Proposed Community Mental Health Service Center 
25. Trends of the Mental Hospital Population of the U.S. - Special Emphasis on Maryland

Box 49. 
1. Community Report of the Advisory Board of the Mental Health Study Center 
2. Maryland’s Shame - 1949 
3. Eastern Shore Medical Service Area 
4. Western Maryland Medical Service Area 
5. Washington Medical Service Area 
6. Baltimore Medical Service Area 
7. Report on Community Clinics: Council of The Psychiatric Societies of Maryland 
8. Report on Community Health Services 
9. Medical Education and Research Needs in Maryland 
10. Proceedings 1961 Annual Meeting; Maryland Public Health Association 
11. Maryland’s Medical and Hospital Programs 
12. Report of The Sub-Committee on Organization For Health 
13. 1950-1960 Report on Health Progress In Maryland 
14. The Organization and Administration of Educational Programs in the State Training Schools For Juvenile Delinquents 
15. Characteristics of 760 Committed Children In The Maryland Training Schools 
16. The Prevention and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency 
17. Institutional Needs for Delinquent Children and Youthful Offender of The State of Maryland 
18. Report of The Committee on The Juvenile Court 
19. Guide For The Formation and Organization of County Commissions 
20. Blueprint For The Institutional Care and Treatment of Delinquent Children in Maryland

Box 50. 
1. Conference on Vocational Rehabilitation in Maryland 
2. State Public Health Plan- Chapter 10 Crippled Children 
3. The Home Care Program For The Patient with the Cardio-Vascular Disease 
4. Copy of Definition of Organized Home Care Program 
5. Medical Facilities Survey and Plan: 1954 -1955 
6. General Hospital Facilities for The Baltimore Area 
7. Annual Wage, Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey 
8. State Facilities For The Care of The Tuberculosis in Maryland 
9. Report Of The Commission To Study Problems of Illegitimacy 
10. Report On Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Centers for Handicapped Children 
11. Plan For Administration of the Program of Vocational Rehabilitation

Box 51. 
1a. Financing of Maryland Health Activities 
1b. Institute on The Prevention and Control Of Dependency 
2. Community Organization and Services to Improve Family Living 
3. 1962 Community Chest- Red Cross United Appeal 
4. The Maryland Economy 
5. The Maryland Economy and Maryland Projections Study

Box 52. 
1. Department of Employment Security Research and Analysis Division 
2. U.S. Department of Labor- Occupational Wage Survey 
3. Employment In The Baltimore Metropolitan Area - 1959 
4. Study The Needs of Higher Education in Maryland - 1955 
5. An Early School Admissions Project related To In-School Learning Activities and Experience for Culturally Deprived Children 
6. The School and Its Role in Community Development 
7. Master Plan For Higher Education in Maryland 
8. Maryland State Conference on Education 
9. Education for The Culturally Deprived Child 
10. The Future of Public Education in Maryland and The Hughes Committee Report

Box 53. 
1. Special Education of Atypical Children in Maryland 
2. Pupil Drop-Out Study: Maryland Public High Schools:1960-61 
3. A summer Institute For 30 Secondary School Teachers of Disadvantaged Youth in & English & Social Studies in 1965 
4. Statistics on Enrollment & Number of Schools, 1958-1959 
5. Senior High School Clases & Vocational School Classes 
6. Divorce in Maryland 
7. Signal for Family Trouble 
8. Crime, Delinquency, and Correction in Maryland