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Center for Poverty Solutions (CPS)

Partially digitized collection of archival documents held in Langsdale Library Special Collections


Welcome to the Archives 24/7 access portal to Langsdale Library Special Collections. This guide provides access to archival collections that have been partially scanned and are available for download in PDF format. 

Collections have been scanned to provide access copies for educational use. Each link represents a folder from the archival collection. Clicking a link will open scanned documents in PDF format. Please refer to our citation policiy on this page.

This material is part of the Center for Poverty Solutions Collection. To see a guide to the complete archival collection, including material not selected for digitization, please refer to our collection guide here.


Contact Special Collections:

(410) 837-4253

Series II. Executive Director

Box 1.

Monthly Reports – United Way
Department Reports – 1999

Monthly Staff Reports:
2000 Monthly Reports
1999 Monthly Reports:(Sections A, B, C)
1998 Monthly Reports

Lobbying Reports:
Lobbyist Ethics Law
Federal Lobbying
Lobbying Reports
Katie’s State Lobbying Reports
Lobbyist Registration – Nancy Hatch

Lobbying Report
Lobbying Reports
Being a Player
Legislative Priorities – 2002
Lobbying Registration 1998
Lobbying Law – 2001 Reports
Lobbying Registration – 2001 Session
2002- Legislative Session
2001- Survey of Legislative Issues for 2002 Session:Parts 1 & 2
Legislative Agenda 2001

2000 - Legislative Session:
Bill Chart
WIC Budget
Collective Bargaining
Days in Annapolis
Student Rally

1999 - Legislative Session:
Legislative Report
Agenda – 1999-2002
Day in Annapolis
Report Card
Check Cashing/Payday Loans
CAN Legislative Agenda

Box 1a.

Welfare Reform and Civiletti Commission
Welfare Reform Partnership
Welfare Reform Waiver
Welfare, Well-being, and Work Report
WIC Advisory Council
Wicomico & Somerset County’s Marcia Morris
Written Testimony – HB498, 499, 500
Welfare Reform ’97
Welfare Reform Research
Welfare Reform Substance Abuse
Welfare Reform Transportation
Welfare Reform Articles
Welfare Advocates – Minutes
Welfare Reform Research Project
Welfare Reform ’01 – ’02
Welfare Reform ’99-’00
Welfare Reform ’96-’97:Part A/B
Transportation:Parts A- B 
Transportation Equity Sub- Committee
United Way Speakers Bureau
Universal Breakfast
Universal Health Care
Utility Deregulation  
Voter Registration
Washington County
Weinberg Foundation
CitiStat Workgroup
Strategic Planning
Stand for Children
Strategic Plan 2000 – Advocacy and Public Policy
State McKinney Issues
Student Sharing
Strauss Foundation
Super Pantry
Statistics and Poverty
Student Rally Day
Substandard Housing/Plumbing Work Group
State Advisory Council of Nutrition
Talbot County
Talks – L. Howell
Task Force on Homelessness 
Temporary Cash Assistance
Thrifty Food Plan
Top Banana: Home-Delivered Goods
Untitled Folder:Part A/ B  
Public Policy Committee
Queen Anne’s and Kent County
Rally for the Region 2002
Resource Library
RFP Template
Rural Homelessness
S.A. Booth House
Section 8
Security CPS
Self-Sufficiency Standard (WOW)
Secretaries Meetings – Scheduling
Shelter Issues
Shelter and Care  
Social Security

Box 1b.

Emergency Food Plan 
Hunger-Free America
Options in Food Stamp Program
Food Security
Hiring Process