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CNCM 504 - The Conflict Management Profession

This guide is meant to serve as a resource for library-related services and sources as you progress through the Negotiations and Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore.

Resume Tips

"Goal: The goal of this tab is to demonstrate how to effectively market yourself through the use of a resume. It should demonstrate how to successfully communicate your assets when writing to an employer. The idea is to break down a resume into fragments and instruct prospective job seekers/students how to construct each portion.

How is this helpful? It is crucial that individuals understand not only the importance of having a resume, but how to successfully construct one. This skill is, perhaps, one of the most important skills to have. A resume is often the first impression you are making on a prospective employer. Understanding how to market yourself is vital. While building a resume is an art, not a science, tips and tools for success can be very helpful."

The text above and the sources on this page were recommened by students enrolled in CNCM 504 during the Spring 2015 semester.  If you have ideas for additional sources that should be included here, please comment below.