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Baltimore Urban Renewal & Housing Authority (BURHA)

Partially digitized collection of archival documents held in Langsdale Library Special Collections


Welcome to the Archives 24/7 access portal to Langsdale Library Special Collections. This guide provides access to archival collections that have been partially scanned and are available for download in PDF format. 

Collections have been scanned to provide access copies for educational use. Each link represents a folder from the archival collection. Clicking a link will open scanned documents in PDF format. Please refer to our citation policiy on this page.

This material is part of the Baltimore Urban Renewal & Housing Authority Collection. To see a guide to the complete archival collection, including material not selected for digitization, please refer to our collection guide here.


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Series X. Urban Renewal Projects

Box 1.
Baltimore Model Cities Neighborhood: part 1, part 2
BURHA’s Means of Research Monographs -1964
Committee Recommendation of Sanitation Flyer
Demonstration Cities-1966
Economic Growth Forecast of Baltimore-1964
General Development Plan
Organization for Code Enforcement
Physical Environment of the City-1965
A Plan for Action: part 1, part 2, part 3
Program Planning
Recent Population Changes-1964
5704 Roland Ave. Construction Contract, 1957
This Is Urban Renewal-1967

Box 2.
Business Relocation Progress Reports
Industrial Activities-1965
Inventory of Retail Business Centers-1965: part 1, part 2
Older Community Shopping Center-1965
Shopping Center Socio-Economic Data-1965

Box 3.
Businesses Located in Charles Center, Area 13
Businesses Located in Charles Center-1st Acquisition Stage-1960
Capital Grant (Charles Center) MD R-11, 1967
Review of Charles Center Proposal-1958
Tables of Unsold Lots-Charles Center Project
Urban Renewal Plan-February 20, 1959
Urban Renewal Plans, 1959

Box 4.
Housing Resources/Market: Assessment-1965: part 1, part 2
Housing Resources/Market: Assessment 1965
Housing Market Analysis for Renewal-1965
Inventory of Residential Blight-1964
Community Renewal Program, 1966-1980
Displacement and Relocation, Past and Future
Displacement of Households-1962-67
Excerpts from Housing Progress Report -1961
Families Displaced from Area 3-C
Family Income and Current Consumption-1965
Housing Consortium-1968
Housing Market Analysis for Renewal-1964
Baltimore’s Housing Situation-1960
Measurement of Residential Blight
Organization for Housing and Community Development-1967
Proposed Sites for Public Housing, 1965
Public Housing-1967
Relocation Costs in Federal-AIO Highway Projects
Rent/Housing Conditions by Race-1960
“Types of Families Living in Baltimore’s Low Rent Projects” 1951-1964
Urban Renewal and Public Housing Projects 1961-62  
Vacant Residential Structure Inventory-1965
Welcome to your Home-1967
White/Nonwhite Household Characteristics-1960
Workable Program for Community Improvement: part 1, part 2

Box 5. Gay Street
Meeting Minutes, June 18, 1965
Maps, Land uses, etc.
People and Houses Gay Street Project- 1966
Policy on Planning Objectives For First Urban Renewal Project
Gay Street 1: Renewal Plan, 1967
The Residents... Their Characteristics - Houses - Needs - Attitudes: Gay Street 1
Gay Street urban Renewal, 1964-1966

Box 6. Harlem Park
Application for Capital Grant: part 1, part 2
Capital Grant (Harlem Park) MD R-6, 1967
A Demonstration of Rehabilitation: Harlem Park, Baltimore, MD - 1965
Federal Housing Administration
Harlem Park- 1955
Harlem Park- 1960
Harlem Park Community School Center
Harlem Park- Its People and Their Homes- 1959
Harlem Park- Neighborhood Council:part 1, part 2, part 3
Harlem Park School Site - 1959
Urban Renewal 314 Inner Block Application - Harlem Park
Urban Renewal 314 Inner Block Application - Harlem Park
Residential Rehabilitation
Harlem Square Area - 1956
Urban Renewal Plan - 1958

Urban Renewal in Harlem Park - 1959
Urban Renewal in Harlem Park, II - 1959
Urban Renewal in Harlem Park, II - 1960
Used House Program: Harlem Park-1965

Box 7. Mount Royal
Application for Capital Grant - Mount Royal Plaza, March 10, 1966
Capital Grant (Mount Royal Plaza) MD 1-3, 1967
The Displacement of Small Businesses From a Slum Clearance Area: The Experience in Mt. Royal Plaza, June 1959
Mount Royal- Fremont Information Bulletin, July 1962-Nov. 1965
A Guide to the History of the Mount Royal and Harlem Park Areas-Wilbur H. Hunter, Jr.
League of Woman Voters of Baltimore
Mt. Royal Democratic Club
Mt. Royal-Fremont Area Council
Mount Royal-Fremont Area Directory
Mount Royal Fremont Project- 1961
Project I- Mount Royal- Fremont Urban Renewal - 1957
Mount Royal Program - 1954
Mount Royal-Protective Association - 1953
Mount Royal-Recreation Study Committee, 1954
Neighborhood Rehabilitation in the Mount Royal Area
Open Occupancy in Mt. Royal- Fremont
Project I- Mount Royal- Fremont Urban Renewal Area
Mount Royal Fremont Area Relocation Project
The Residents of Mount Royal Fremont Urban Renewal Area
Summary of the General Neighborhood Renewal Plan- Mount Royal - Fremont
Urban Renewal Plan- Project I- MD R12
Urban Renewal Plan- Project I- Mount Royal Fremont Area

Box 8. Mount Vernon
Renewal of Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Plan
Renewal Plan- Mount Vernon [Project R15] Nov. 25,1963

Mount Vernon II- A Tentative Plan for Its Renewal
Mount Vernon Area - Aged
Capital Grant- Mount Vernon [Project R15] 1967
Mount Vernon Area - General 

Box 9. Mount Winans
Social/Economic Problems of Families in Mount Winans, 1968
People of Mount Winans

Box 10. Madison Park
Madison Park North - Lots 13 & 14: part 1, part 2
Madison Park North and Its Surroundings
Madison Park South Capital Grant, MD R-12, 1967
Madison Park North Capital Grant, MD R-13, 1967